SAFE handle

Combine utility with protection with the SAFE handle.

Very easy to use, this handle will help you stabilize yourself in public transport by hanging on to the vertical or horizontal bars provided for this purpose.

Tested on a large part of Bus / Subway / Tramway in several large cities, this handle is compatible with 95% of vertical and horizontal bars.

It can also be used to open certain subway doors, lower a folding seat without direct contact with your hand.

In addition, for each handful purchased, you support the hospital world by donating € 0.40 to the foundation of hospitals in France.

Features and Benefits

Peace of mind

The SAFE handle allows public transport users to regain confidence in their daily habits.

Easy to use

The handle design is ergonomic with thoughtful dimensions for a comfortable grip. Its use is intuitive for everyone (including children). Its sheath will allow it to be safely stored in your bag or pocket.

Easy maintenance

100% Made in France, its technical materials will allow this handle and its sheath to be cleaned in the dishwasher or with a disinfectant.

Optimal resistance

Materials chosen with care for a good grip, a pleasant touch, optimum resistance, a flexible and non-slip material for better grip.


Simple to install and usable by everyone.

Put the handle in a horizontal position and turn it clockwise to keep you on the bars.