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SAFE : the handle
that protects you

SAFE is a 100% French innovation born out of a health need in public transport.

Ergonomic and resistant, this handle will allow you to stabilize yourself in public transport (bus, subway, tramway) by avoiding being in contact with the grab bars which are conducive to germs of all kinds.

Not only essential in these times of pandemic, the SAFE handle remains a guarantee of protection throughout the year.

Made in France

A need too often

The bars of public transport are the obsession of all users. Hundreds of hands cling to the same piece of metal from morning to night, 7 days a week. It is on these bars that viruses such as gastroenteritis or covid 19 can circulate.

However, avoiding touching them is also problematic as it leads to stability problems, falls and unintentional contact with other passengers. The SAFE handle has been designed to simplify your life and health thanks to an ergonomic and resistant design.

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The handle is suitable
to several types of public transport





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